Thursday, January 24, 2008

Supermarket Gripes...

To be honest, I try to stay out of supermarkets as much as possible. For a number of reasons: They kill small businesses, they kill quality and choice, most are a terrible eyesore, covered in paper posters telling how synthetic cheap their dismal food is, and frankly they are noisy and unhygienic. These are all good reasons to dislike them I think.

On the odd occasion that I do have to go into one, there are other things that really piss me off. Welcome to a new series where I, being the miserable git that I am, get a few things off my chest.

Supermarket Gripe # 1: Why don't people pack their own bags at checkout?

There could be an obvious answer: Because people are paid to do it. Indeed, there are some supermarkets that employ people specifically to put your stuff in bags. But when there isn't, why don't people pack their own shopping? The poor, pimply mother of 3 who's checking goods has to scan, scan, scan, and then stop scanning to put things in atom-thin plastic bags, then go back to scanning, and then some more packing in thin bags. And all because you want to stand there, staring at her, poised with your bit a plastic at the top end of the swipey thing, ready to say 'credit' or 'debit'. Is there anything wrong with helping the poor girl? Helping yourself? Helping me? Speeding up the queue behind you?

Here's an idea: While she's scanning shit, you can pack some of it, eh? Brilliant! Guess what? You'll be out of there quicker, I'll be out of there quicker, the girl on the till will appreciate your help, efficiency will soar, it could even be good exercise! So there's so many reasons to pack your own shopping, not just to keep my temper from boiling over and me lashing out indiscriminately in the supermarket with a head full of hot blood.

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