Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Alphabet City Wine Co. (100 Ave. C)

It's not easy finding a good wine store in the East Village, let alone one that is literally a stone's throw from your apartment. Normally, I'd have to schlep over to Astor place (Yeah, I know, not that far; but I'm a lazy bastard) to Warehouse Wines or Astor Wines. So, you can imagine my delight when the guys from In Vino opened ABC Wine Co. I'm not quite sure how they did it. I used to see the gated storefront all the time & then, presto; instant awesome wine shop!

They've only recently opened, but have a very impressive selection of international wines, most of them being moderately priced. Local & micro brew beers are possibly on the way (pending licenses, etc.) The staff know their trade, the decor is awesome (I particularly like the little sitting area) & with time, I'm sure that the inventory of wines will grow leaps & bounds.

Check the store out if you can... Also, have a gander at their blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Keith one of the owners of Alphabet City Wine Co. Thanks for the love! hope to see you soon. WINE TO THE PEOPLE!!


Anonymous said...

There is another great wine store in the neighborhood....Brix on 9th Street between B and C. Adorable shop, informed staff, and great selection.

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