Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jeffrey's On Essex ( 120 Essex St., Essex Market)

Today, I have a renewed faith in society... You might remember the hellacious time I had trying to procure fine meats (see post here) in the East Village last year. I braved the cold this afternoon looking to get some lamb for the club meal that I am cooking tomorrow. Shunning Whole Foods, I headed to Essex Market & was lucky enough to meet Jeffrey Ruhalter, 4th Generation owner & proprietor of Jeffrey's on Essex.

Extremely knowledgeable, friendly & courteous; just what you want in a family butcher. Even though he didn't know me from Adam, he treated me like a lifelong customer. After buying 3 baby racks of lamb, I moved onto 2 giant New York Strip steaks for me tea. Jeffrey asked me if this was my first time shopping there & I replied yes. With a smirk on his face he promptly told me that if I didn't accept the gift he was about to offer me, then I wouldn't be able to shop there again. I accepted... 6 beautiful frenched lamb chops. He reccommended that I bread & lightly fry them. "Meat Popsicles!" He exclaimed!

The meat selection there is excellent & Jeffrey clued me up on all of the other delicacies that I could order with 1 days advance notice; ostrich, venison, elk, alligator, to name a few. you bet your ass that I'll be going back to Mr. Ruhalter for all my meat needs! I suggest you do the same.


Teddy said...

that Jeffrey c*nt ripped me off last time I was there. Maybe it's because I'm black?

Mykonos said...

Probably Jason. But I, being snowy white, will surely check this place out.

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