Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue Ribbon Brasserie (250 5th Ave., Brooklyn)

Continuing my food-filled weekend, I ventured out to Park Slope last week to test out the seafood mecca Blue Ribbon Brasserie. It was a busy Saturday night, so we knew we were in for a wait. Luckily, we know the bartender & managed to snag some primo seats at the bar pretty quickly. There were 5 of us, so we decided to just order a bunch of stuff & share.

We started with 18 oysters & half a chilled lobster. Having already begun to stuff our collective faces before I remembered my camera, this picture really doesn't do the plate justice. I preferred the East coast oysters (the name escapes me) & I'm not much of a lobster man, but I did manage to beat the rush & get to the delicious claw meat before the vultures descended.

Next up was the Escargot; they did not last very long. Extremely tasty & slathered in garlic, oil & parsley, we eagerly mopped up every last bit with the country bread that accompanied the dish.

We moved onto some Steak Tartare which was good, but nothing to write home about. I'm a bit biased here as I'm not a big fan of egg yolk (raw, cooked, whatever) & the yolk was already mixed into the tartare. The cross-cut chips were very good as well.

Pierogies were next on the menu. Half were steamed, the others were fried, I couldn't decide which of the two I preferred, but they were good, nothing special.

Which happily brings me to the final entrée that we ordered, a massive 40 oz. Black Angus steak:

Served with Mash & sautéed spinach, I had to do a double take... We basically picked the thing clean to the bone, it was that good. Blue Ribbon is best known for it's seafood, but this steak was to die for! Bravo!

Just when I thought I possible couldn't eat more, out came dessert, Chocolate Bruno. This rich, flourless cake was served with 3 flavors of ice cream & drizzled with chocolate syrup. Heaven on a plate!

We finished this excellent meal with shots (probably not a good idea considering how much we had to drink already). Dining at Blue Ribbon was an amazing experience, check it out for yourself!

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