Thursday, January 17, 2008

East Village Cheese (40 3rd Avenue)

Hidden among the hustle & bustle of 3rd Avenue @ 10th Street is probably my favorite cheese shop in New York. The windows are covered pretty much entirely by hand written notices advertising current specials & new cheeses, but once you enter, you know that you're in cheese heaven. EVC is pretty much a neighborhood institution. If you live in the area & want cheese, you'll be going there, no question.

The place is normally very busy, with the line for the cheese/meat counter going all the way to the back of the joint & if it's close to a holiday, the line might double back on itself. I tend to go early in the morning when there's less of a crowd. The staff there work very fast & there are a lot of them behind the counter.

Despite the fact that the place is cash only (which can be a pain in the ass if you're making large purchases) & often packed, the real appeal here is the prices. EVC is basically a clearing house for cheese makers. I'll be the first to admit that the cheese & meats are not always the freshest, but they sell at ridiculously low prices & in such large quantities that they are able to be competitive. I recommend that you eat whatever you buy there within 2-3 days. Don't let this put you off though, the cheese there are delicious & at the advertised prices, you can't go wrong.

Besides cheeses & meats, EVC also stocks crackers, fresh breads, oils of all kinds, tomato sauces, etc. It's basically a food lover's deli as well as an awesome cheese shop. My favorites there are the Asiago, Fontina & Manchego cheeses, as well as the Taramasalata. Check the place out...

A few spreads that we have set up from EVC, both around $40.

X-Mas Day; Stef & I @ our parent's place.

Last Night; Cheese & wine @ the crib.

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