Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cafe Moto (394 Broadway, Brooklyn)

Nestled under the elevated J/M train in south Billyburg is a real gem; Cafe Moto. With an Unassuming exterior, you'd barely notice the place unless you were looking for it. Upon opening the doors, you're greeted with a triangular shaped dining room, a 'mini-horseshoe' bar & most likely, some live music. The dining area has tables lining each side of the 'triangle' leading to a well stocked bar.

Myself, Dan & Christie (who manages the joint) turned up around 11:15 last night & the place was jumping. It's a bit cramped if you ask me, but regulars to the blog will know that like Larry Craig, I have a 'wide stance' & I like my space when I eat. As we were with Christie, we got seated immediately at the front of the join, right by the 4-piece band who rocked.

We decided to share the starters; 'Deviled Eggs' (not sure what it was actually called, it's a hard boiled egg, minus the yolk & stuffed with tuna & anchovies, yum!), Artichoke w/dipping sauce, Fondue (I forget the cheeses in this dish as I had been drinking since 4) & the special of the night; a spicy Shrimp & Calamari Curry.

Wow! What a start, I really enjoyed each dish particularly the fondue & the eggs. We had to ask for more bread as we eagerly mopped up the rich fondue & the deliciously spicy curry. The artichoke dish really reminded me of my youth, Dad used to make this dish as a treat for us kids.

1 bottle of red (Don Martinho) down & another one (A tasty Chilean Carmenere) open & breathing, we headed onto the main courses. I had the ribs, which were insanely good; juicy & very flavorful. Dan had the chicken, which, I admit was even better (I'll be getting this on my next visit) & Christie had the sea bass. Unfortunately they were out of mashed potatoes which I've heard are excellent, so we got salads with our mains. Dinner was followed up with quite possibly the best dessert I've ever eaten a sponge cake made with dates & smothered in what I can only describe as caramel treacle with crème fraîche on the side.

A heck of a lot of great food & 2 bottles of red later, we left, contented. I really like this spot & although it's out of my normal stomping grounds, I'll be going back to Moto (& getting the chicken).

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