Friday, July 07, 2006

Thursday Club 7/06/06

- Edamame.
- Cold Soba Noodle Salad.
- Spicy Tuna Tartar w/mango & a sake/sesame marinade.
- Pork Tonkatsu with sticky rice & sautéed cabbage.

Teddy had done a Spanish-themed night a few weeks ago, so I decided to choose Japan as my region. This was my fourth time cooking & to be quite honest, I had the confindence & swagger of an 800lbs gorilla. I had asked a few of my Japanese friends for ideas & I thought I put together a pretty well-rounded menu. Part of the fun of preparing this meal was the shopping. I picked up some bamboo chopsticks & rests from Crate & Barrel, then some cooking moulds from Sur La Table for the tuna tartar & sticky rice. I really gave a lot of thought to the presentation as I feel it enhances a meal.

So, it was Thursday Club +1 again, with my brother, Stefan, serving as sous chef. We all had a great time; Good Food, Great Sake & Friends... Result!

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