Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How it All Began

How it All Began!

A brief history of the humble beginnings of Thursday Club. A British fare that has found it's way to the shores of New York.

For me I vaguely recall the rationale of the Thursday Club. Four of us went out to the French House, Alex, Matt, Ted and I. As ever it started off as a quiet couple of cheeky ales. I'm not even sure whether we intended going out to eat. I don't recall many details other than we ordered heavy reds and Matt had a steak that cost about £17. The important aspect of this was that we concluded that it was fairly poor food for the price. I also recall that we behaved appallingly as did the moody bitch who served us, so much so that we took the 12.5% optional tip off. I don't think the Thursday Club was necessarily born then but our dissatisfaction at this pricey and ordinary fare led to us to decide that what

we actually prefer is cracking home made food with sublime wines and regional cheeses in out own homes.

I also don't recall who cooked first. I do know that we were soon aware that a real good concept had been formed. Not wishing to make anyone feel left out, we kept this idea safe from the ears of our other pals (who would probably think we were gay anyway. I think our respective partners quite liked the idea of us doing something so positive, but as it took up virtually every Thursday and most likely the majority of our enthusiasm for the week ahead they soon got a bit irritated.

One of the best aspects of the Thursday club was that we had mutual respect for our companions' efforts. We tried out best not to let our natural competitive streaks get the better of us, but it was virtually impossible for things not to get a little carried away. The quality of the ingredients rarely strayed from Borough Market or Selfridges and Matthew's reds were right out of the top one.

Like all good things like that it came to an end but not before we'd knocked out right stonking meals fit for the kings that we were and are. Nice one chaps


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