Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In the heart of America's Dairyland

I had the pleasure of spending the long weekend in Wisconsin, the cheese capital of the USA. Despite a vast aray of really good cheese (the stuff that doesn't come in orange squares) it wasn't the dairy produce that stole the show, rather it was a traditional 'fish boil'. Historically, this stuff fed the pioneers in the area, mainly Scandinavians, Brits and Germans. An icredibly simple dish, with mouth watering results. Fish (whitefish I think) potatoes and salted water. A spectacle to witness too.

The kitchen science behind this is as follows: A huge pot of boiling water is set over a log fire, salted at the correct time, and then the potatoes are added. Then the fish later. The impurities and scum float to the surface. When a massive dose of kerosene is added to the fire, the whole thing boils over taking all the scum and impurities with it...leaving spuds and fish perfectly cooked. Served with coleslaw, tartare sauce and lemon wedges. Fabulous! (I had mine at the White Gull Inn, in Fish Creek, WI).

Check it out: http://www.whitegullinn.com/fishboil.htm

Teddy, Jul 06


Dave Souf London said...

Any guesses as to what he is actually holding with those tongs?

Dave Souf London said...

Any guesses as to what he is really holding with those tongs????

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