Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where's the f**king butcher's shop?

Why dont we have one in Park Slope? We've got everything else! Did somebody just forget, or don't we Slopers eat enough to warrant a shop specialising in this?

I have to trek to BoCoCa to get mine:

Check out Los Paisanos (Brothers) on Smith St. at Wyckoff. They have an unrivalled (so far) selection of sausages, pork loins, pork chops, lamb, beef short ribs, game, poultry etc. I bought a load of stuff when there because the prices were very reasonable, and the choice endless. I came away with duck and Grand Marnier sausages, with some wild boar sausages thrown in for good measure, and fabulous pork loin, (which I stuffed with apples and chestnut puree) and they even guaranteed a pig's head and tripe (stomach) if I ordered in advance. (I've seen a great recipe for Pozole in Daniel Boulud's cookbook.) Well worth the trip, even for Manhattanites wondering what all the fuss is about east of the River. Highly recommended.

Jun 06

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