Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Serve Yourself.

My roommate, the awesomely awesome Roxy is headed off to Europe soon for 6-12 months so we had a going away dinner for her at the crib last night.
We decided that a self-serve buffet style dinner would be best, considering the numbers. Alesha made amazing Jerk Chicken. Fulvia hooked up penne with chorizo, broccoli rabe & cherry tomatoes. Leila made stir fried pork, empenadas, mini-sandwiches & baked a wicked cheese cake. I made a simple salad, couscous salad (I bit Grant's style & added tomatoes & mozzarella) & beef meatballs (these were meant to be lamb, see my butcher rant below). 15 or so people turned up & we rocked out till the wee hours. With bellies full & livers groaning we were treated to an impromptu jam session from Roxy & Mitch.

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