Friday, June 15, 2007

Grant pops his cherry.

So, it was time to 'break in' the new boy, so Adam, Teddy & myself ran a 'culinary train' on Grant last night...

- Cappuccino of Green Pea Soup.
- Pan Fried Sea Scallops & Goose Liver with Amaretto Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar.
- Pan Fried Black Cod with Tomato & Mozzarella Cous Cous.
- Dark Chocolate Pudding with Praline Semifreddo.

If the first course was any indication of the things to come, I knew we were in for a great night. Topped with a dollop of frothed milk & tasting of bacon & liver, the soup was an awesome mix of flavors. All 4 of us eagerly dispatched our mugs.

We all pranced around like ravenous wild dogs as Grant constructed the next course. Buttery scallops topped with delicious goose liver. The Amaretto sauce w/balsamic was an amazing pairing & really enhanced the flavor of the dish.

The main course did not disappoint. Pan fried to perfection, the black cod was delightfully crispy on the outside & flaky on the inside - this dish was a real treat. The couscous, with nuggets of tomato/mozzarella goodness was damn tasty as well.

Just when I think I can't fit any more food into my ever-expanding tummy, Grant whips out this little jewel of 'chocolaty insanity'. Moister than the sun, the chocolate literally oozed out of this bad boy like lava at the touch of the spoon. How'd he do it? Fuck if I know, but I did enjoy stuffing my face with it! We retired to his garden afterwards for more booze & merriment.

Grant - Welcome to Thursday Club!!!

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