Wednesday, June 13, 2007

J Boogie's Lamb

...I ate possibly the best lamb I've ever had. Streuth. I'm a bit annoyed I don't have a picture of it to frame with love and stick on my desk at work. I'm sure somebody will pipe up soon and tell me they took a shot. After Boogie's 'Japanese Simplicity' evening, he was determined to make amends. And he did so. I'm sure Adam will reveal all about the menu and it's complexities in due course, but I couldn't help but sing loud praises about one course in particular.

Rack of lamb. Quite possibly the sexiest (and most expensive) cut of lamb. A great thick pink succulent chunk of loin smothered in oozing milky white fat. It needs simple seasoning and a hot oven for a short amount of time, some rest and a quick carving.

Boogie bought two, thank Goodness, and after a quick roast, he carved them up into individual meat lollipops with ease. Four each. That interior was so pink and juicy I don't think I made it back to the table from the kitchen before I was tearing and sucking at them. The pink loin offered no resistance and fell apart as I pushed the meat against the roof of my mouth, each morsel releasing it's bloody goodness and salty syrupy fat into my bulging cheeks. The protruding bone proved to be the perfect lollipop handle and with grease-slicked hands I was molesting the bones, pulling off all those crispy baked-on brown bits with my teeth and chewing chewing chewing, hoping the taste would never fade and praying that this lamby climax would never come to an end...

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