Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Hatin' It!

I performed culinary seppuku last night & ate McDonald's... Don't ask me why, but I was really craving some processed mystery meat. I ordered from the shithole on 1st Avenue between 6th & 7th. It only took a few bites for me to remember why I haven't eaten from them in 3 years. Instead of just going with my usual 'Chicken' McNuggets, I decided to prolong my agony & ordered a Fillet 'o Fish, Big Mac & an Apple Pie as well. The Nuggets I could tolerate, but the Fish sandwich was by far the most disgusting thing I've eaten in a while.

Why the hell is their food so hideous (better yet, why the hell did I attempt to eat this stuff)? I can imagine some fat cat in their corporate office devising more & more ways to poison McDonald's customers while driving stock prices up.

Ronald McDonald you SUCK! Oh no, not you Hamburglar & Grimace, you guys are ok in my books...


Canadian Bacon said...

Haha. Nice photos. I remember a chemist in college who did an experiment on Bigmacs and found anti-nauseating agents. I have to admit I had a Bigmac in Baker City, Oregon recently, but only because that city has zero places to eat and I was getting tired of the crispy meat burritos at Taco Time... yum.

Anonymous said...

Can you send me some anti mc fotos in good resolution please? (if you have) Thanks. Z.

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