Saturday, December 09, 2006

Yakiniku West

I had the chance to check out Yakiniku West (218 East 9th Street) tonight & had an excellent time. I've been to several Korean BBQ joints, so I was eager to see how their Japanese counterparts held up. It was a Saturday night, so we turned up, gave our name & decided to grab a drink at nearby Angel's Share (8 Stuyvesant Street). It was typically crowded in there, so we went back to Yakiniku & didn't have to wait long to be seated.

The decor was very authentic (although, I've never been to a 'Japanese Rural Steak House', which is what they style themselves as), first you had to take your shoes off & then we were whisked upstairs to our traditional sunken table, complete with a large hibachi grill.

Sapporo was the drink of the day & we started with miso soup & some rolls. I got the Eel, avocado & cucumber roll which I get whenever I can. The sushi was excellent, probably the best eel roll I've ever had outside of Japan. Missy got the Mexican Roll (who's filling eludes me at the moment) & that seemed to steal the show.

We ordered a steak set & the filet mignon. There's something really enjoyable about cooking your own food. The meal was excellent & ridiculously inexpensive given the portion sizes & the quality of the food. I highly recommend Yakiniku West.

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