Friday, December 15, 2006

Meats R Us

So by now you probably know that Adams likes to eat meat. In almost everything. He eats bacon every day. He eats meat sandwiches for lunch 4 times out of 5. Having said that he is eating a meatless pizza for lunch today, which is very unusual. Perhaps for one of two reasons: Tonight is our company party night and we're off to Meat-Mecca Bar Americain. Or, that he fed us all so much meat last night, that even he feels that he's overdone it.

To start we ate a meat lollipop - freshly baked herb bread sticks (which were pretty good) each one wrapped in 4 or 5 slices of proscuitto at one end. This end, we were to dip into a mixture of honey and balsamic vinegar. It was very good. I think he made about 4 each, but I only ate 2 - I was determined to pace myself after the last visit to his kitchen. We washed that down with some good red.

Next up was a soup - Italian wedding soup. Now this is a big favourite of mine and Adams spun out a fine example. A tasty broth densely populated with orzo, spinach, chunks of carrot, and of course meat, in ball form. I gulped this down pretty quickly, it really was tasty. We then had a small rest while our stomachs digested the first kilo of protein, for the next two courses were carb-based meat vehicles.

The FIRST pasta course was good - pasta cooked in red wine, with cream and bacon, a sort of carbonara-Rosso. Mmm. Real good. I could taste the wine in the pasta, and the sweetness of the cream was balanced by the saltiness of the bacon. I tried no to eat too much of it, which was difficult, because I knew the last final course would have me on my back.

I had already phoned NY Methodist and booked a stretcher just in case, but I was fortunate on this evening and my stomach didn't split. It was fully stretched though after a steak-sized hunk of breaded veal and some pasta.

I felt like Cool Hand Luke after eating 50 eggs....totally distended, ready to burst. I needed a man at each side to hold me up and another to pour whisky into my mouth.

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