Thursday, September 28, 2006


I had the pleasure of going to Mercadito (179 Avenue B) tonight with Dan the Man & Super Sexy Missy. It was an impromptu visit, so unfortunately, I didn't have my camera. We started with a cheese & mushroom dip (so-so), then moved on to the tacos; Talapia, Skirt Steak & finally Tuna & Pineapple. The first 2 were awesome, but I really wasn't feeling the Tuna tacos...

The drinks were amazing! I started with a beer, then moved onto a Mango Mojito. I was surprised that they don't make Caipirinhas, but I enjoyed my drink. We ended the night with a delicious flan & Cafe Con Leche all around. I give Mercadito 2 thumbs up; the food is amazing & the service was very good. My only gripe is that the place is so small - I've been trying to go there for months now, only to be told that there's a 40+ minute wait... I guess we lucked out tonight.

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pinknest said...

mercadito is great! they also have a really good beer with lime juice and hot sauce. mmmm!

hope you guys can make it to the blogger drinks thing tomorrow night at boss tweeds!

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