Friday, September 08, 2006

Extra Virgin...

Ok, so yesterday was our first official Thursday Club Field Trip, so after drinking in Midtown, we hit up Extra Virgin (259 West 4th Street). I'll admit that I'm going to be somewhat biased as my brother (Sous Chef Stef) used to bartend there & I know the owner, Michelle (lovely) . I've been there quite a few times. I normally eat at the bar, but, as usual, the joint was packed last night. We were seated very quickly (not enough time to finish our first drink), considering how full the place was. The layout of the restaurant is a bit nuts. We were seated in the back & to be quite honest, you had to be a Cirque De Soleil contortionist to make it to the table (with the support beams & cramped tables, etc.), but being the manly man that I am, I didn't let that bother me, although this might deter some diners who like to actually be able to move their legs while eating.

Anyways, I digress. I ordered the Extra Virgin Salad (I tend to order large appetizers & get full, so I thought a simple salad would not fill me up). It hit the spot, red onions, avocado & cherry tomatoes with a balsamic dressing to die for...

I got the Mushroom crusted Chicken as my entree - besides the spaghetti & meatballs Sunday Classic dish (Sundays only), this is the best dish in the house. It was served on a pea risotto with a light cream sauce. I have no idea how they get chicken breast to be that tender without it turning into 'Chicken Tartare'... If you go there - get the chicken, you can thank me later.

I tried some of Teddy & Adam's food as well. Adam's steak au poivre was great (cooked rare thank the gods - people who order steak well done (or even medium-well) freak me out - that's not natural!). My only real gripe of the night was Teddy's entree. I'm sure he's going to review the place in the next few days, so I'll let him explain. There was something not quite right with his dish.

I drank beer that night, so I can't comment on the wine selection. The service was excellent, nary a water glass was half full before the wait staff filled it up. Besides Teddy's ravioli fiasco & the super-cramped seating, I'd still recommend Extra Virgin... As I said before; get the chicken.

We ended the night doing 3 too many Sake bombs with Warren @ Sake Bar Satsko & a few more @ my local dive bar; 7B/Horseshoe bar. An excellent night - I can't wait for our next field trip!


Slinky Redfoot said...

I've heard many, many good things about that Saki bar.

pinknest said...

i think i'd die of claustrophobia, but it sounds worth the trip. chicken...really? it was that good? it wasn't just...chicken?

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