Friday, September 29, 2006

Konichiwa B!tches!!!!

It's field trip time again!!! The man like Mike from Satsko told me about the Joy of Sake event. It's the largest sake tasting outside of Japan & as a lover of all things alcoholic, I had to attend. I was still recovering from my 7B/Mercadito/Satsko's/Joe's Bar/JP Wardes crawl from the night before, but after a LOT of coffee, I met Teddy over at Bleeker Street Bar. After 1 Blue Moon, we headed over to the Puck building.

I'll admit that the event was sensory overload. Loads of Sake & Beautiful women everywhere... As soon as we entered, Teddy made a beeline for the Daiginjo's - the most polished of all of the sakes on display. There were somewhere near 250 sakes & I think we managed to taste about 70 of them. I still cannot believe how from something as simple as a kernel of rice, such subtle flavors can be extracted. No 2 sakes tasted the same.

Besides all of the totty, there were a few culinary heavyweights there. Wylie Dufresne (the mad chemist of wd-50) & (as T-Diddy mentioned) Akiko Katayama of Iron Chef & Food & Wine fame were enjoying the sake overload. While not trying to toot my own horn, Teddy & I seemed to be quite a hit at the event. We were interviewed by Rueters & had our pictures snapped on numerous ocassions.

The food selection was excellent as well. There was seared beef from EN which won me over, but the ginger marinated Oysters from my favorite hotspot, Bond Street soon took first place. I held down the fort at the bar while Teddy made frequent trips to each restaurant's table - double-fisting culinary delights & shuttling them back to me - he's a scholar & a gentleman. We also had Miso infused egg yolks on the 7th floor. Crazy delicious!

We hit up the 7th floor for sakes that are not available in the US. Again - I've never met a sake I don't like - but there were some excellent sakes there. I was disappointed that there was only 1 nigori there. Teddy & I had scoured the entire joint, but that one as the only one we could find. Needless to say, we sat in front of the damn think & polished it off. Good to the last drop!

With Sake on the brain & after Teddy was threatened with incarceration by a Puck Building rent-a-cop, we headed over to Satsko's for Sake bombs, Nigori & hangovers.

Teddy departed & I stayed @ Satsko's with Alesha for more drink-related stupidity. It was an excellent night, but at the end I was shattered.

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pinknest said...

oh sounds incredible! wish i had gone. the miracle of rice, eh?

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