Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Golden Unicorn (18 E. Broadway)

Nursing a massive hangover (go figure!) I braved the rain & met up with my culinary cohort Alesha for some Dim Sum in Chinatown last week. I've been to Golden Unicorn several times & I really love the place. It has consistently been rated as some of the best dim sum in the city; believe the hype!

The building is really unassuming & looks like any other dull office building. Basically, if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't know it was there. We were whisked to the top floor (there are 2 floors in the joint) & enjoyed excellent service as the place was pretty empty. We warmed up with some tea & before long, the merry-go-round of Dim Sum carts began.

We started with Shark Fin Shumai & Vegetable Dumplings. I was really looking forward to the shark fin & they were truly delicious. They were far denser/meaty than I expected which was a pleasant surprise. The veggie dumplings were nothing special, but still tasty.

The trip that The Club took to Montreal really opened my eyes to some of the foods that are overlooked & it really helped me to get over my fear of the unknown. In the past, I've refused to eat chicken feet, but today, I was up for it. Drenched in a rich red sauce, I found them to be extremely gelatinous, yet flavorful. I think that by the time were were done, there was no meat on the bone!

Next up were the Dim Sum staple; Pork Shumai & the lesser-known Sticky Rice. The Shumai was average, but it felt like Xmas in February when we peeled back the lotus leaves, dug into the rice & were greeted by an awesome pork filling.

I enjoyed my meal at Golden Unicorn & you can bet your ass that I'll be back there again. We lucked out as it was raining, but if you're going to go, get there early, very early. Service is from noon till 2pm. After 1:30 the selection gets limited. Enjoy!

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