Monday, April 02, 2007

The European Union

[Updated; now closed!]
I had a chance to check out The E.U. (235 East 4th Street (btwn. Ave. A & B), yesterday with my parents. I'll admit that this is one of the few places that I was upset about Community Board 3 refusing to give a liquor license. But now that's all in the past & The E.U. is in full swing.

The place was surprisingly busy for a cold, rainy Sunday, but we were seated immediately. The place is somewhat cramped & we all thought that the chairs were low, but what the heck, I'm accommodating. I was in a mood for beer, so I'll admit that I was somewhat disappointed by the selection. After months of being spoiled at Against The Grain, I've become accustomed to massive, varied beer selections. I eventually got the Pilsner Urquell which I really didn't enjoy, but heck, I made my bed, so I'll sleep in it. My Dad got a 5 flight tasting, which looked kinda cool. Mom got a Chardonnay.

I had looked at the menu online & had noticed Fromage de T├ęte (for you Non-Francophiles; Head Cheese. Sounds delicious, right?), so I was very upset when it wasn't on the menu; Drat! I ended up ordering a dozen West Coast Oysters & sharing that with my Mom, they were excellent. My Dad got the Octopus, which he really didn't enjoy.

For the main course I got the braised Veal cheeks which were to die for! Perfection! My Mom got the Chicken & Dumplings which she enjoyed. Dad (the unlucky sod) got an overcooked burger, but at least the fries were good!

We ended the night with coffee & orange beignets, which were comped to make up for the burger fiasco. I'll admit that I enjoyed myself, the food was good, yet slightly pricey - but hey, this is the East Village after all! I'll be going back to The E.U. & I recommend that you at least check it out.

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