Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alchemy - 56 Fifth Avenue - Brooklyn

Right off of Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, Alchemy brings great food and a gastropub feel to Park Slope. By definition though, Alchemy doesn't really fit the gastropub stereotype. It is on the small size and the bar portion of the restaurant is more of a stopover between pre-meal drink and dinner than a proper juicer where you would sip whisk(e)y and spend a rainy a socially acceptable alcoholic would. They didn't take reservations, but a group of 5 of us got there at 7:30, had a beer and were seated by 8:00. Can't ask for much more on a Friday night. I went with the true initial taste test of a resaurant. Meat and Starch. It came in the form of:

Braised Pork Cheek with Sage Mash
Grilled Hanger Steak with Bernaise Sauce

The cheek cut like butter and the steak was cooked perfectly. No complaints were had by anyone else either. Alchemy serves the usual pub standards like fish and chips (done with skate wings) and lamb stew, but mixes things up with unconventional items and some original ideas. The veggie-types dining with us found more than a few options to choose from too.
The menu could probably describe it better.
Although there were only about a half a dozen choices for both starters and entrees, portions were good sized and left everyone full, but not quite in the grips of a food coma.

I'll definitely check it out again to try some of dishes I didn't get first time around.

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