Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday Club 10/26/06

As per usual, Teddy raised the culinary bar with his 5 course extravaganza yesterday. We had had quite a hiatus from cooking, but Chef Hunter showed no signs of rust...

  • Curried Langoustine Soup
  • Pumpkin and Pancetta Risotto
  • Asian Duck Salad with Hazelnuts
  • Sage Derby and English Stilton Plates
  • Macerated Berries with Lime Cream
The meal was excellent, but I'll have to admit that I enjoyed the Curried Langoustine Soup the most. It was light, yet extremely falourful & proved to be an excellent opening dish, leaving Adam & I salivating! As a lover of all things pork-related, I really enjoyed the Pumpkin & Pancetta Risotto (an ode to Halloween perhaps?)

The duck was cooked to perfection & was perfectly accompanied by the light salad. We wound down the night with cheeses, Port & the Macerated Strawberries. Bravo Teddy!


pinknest said...

oh that looks amazing, especially that risotto. and that langoustine FRIGHTENS me!!! aaaag!

teddy said...

I can tell you Pinknest they were a real bugger to clean....

So when is the next blogger thingy? It'd be cool to hang out and drink some martinis :-)

pinknest said...

i have no idea when the next one is. i've heard rumors of nov. 17 but i'm not sure.

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