Friday, October 20, 2006

Bugs Bunny.......He's What's For Dinner

The Lower East Side was this week’s destination and the man like Jason did not disappoint. Here’s what was on tap:

1 - Antipasto plate
2 - Cannellini Soup
3 - Pappardelle w/stewed rabbit ragu
4 - Arugula Salad w/shaved parmesan
5 - Chocolate dipped Macaroons

Finishing a five course meal has been problematic in the past. I don’t know if it was the portioning or we were all just ravenous, but we handily polished it off leaving only a few scraps as evidence of this delicious meal.

Each course segued excellently into the next, the highlight being the Rabbit Ragu over perfectly cooked pasta. The moist, shredded white meat (formerly Peter Cottontail) and rustic spicy sauce left me asking myself, “Why don’t I eat more rabbit?”

It was important that we paced ourselves for the last 2 courses, so we paired some excellent Italian and Australian wines with America’s favorite pastime… (sorry Met fans).

The arugula salad cleansed my palate, but left me pining for something sweet. What’s that? You made dessert too? Don’t mind if I do……

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