Monday, March 23, 2009

Ive been a very busy boy recently........

...and I've not been paying much attention to my blogging duties.

I have experienced some wonderful food recently, I have made some decent dishes, I have seen strange things, and I have been quite literally sucking the marrow out of life. (Or veal, in my case.)

So where to start? Christ, I don't know.

I visited a buddy in Florida who has oranges growing in his back garden.
His fucking back garden. He also has an ace car, and lots of restaurants near him where we ate some incredible food.I taught him how to cook fish with Thai style mussels with crispy skin.I discovered braised pistachios.I've been meeting really fit birds who know a lot about food.I've been hanging out with too many lawyers.I've discovered it's OK to like burgers if they're done well. By that, I mean, with skill. I invented a UK version of the hot dog - The Ox Dog, made with oxtail, horseradish and other really British ingredients.I've been deep-frying cow's stomach again.Pete and I made about 40 feet of black pudding and we were lucky NYPD didn't come round on the off chance in the middle of it. We'd have been knicked straight away, just for being fucking weird.I did a modern take on Fergus Henderson's blood cake and eggs.I've been drinking rather a lot of wine. I also made some homebrew (not quite ready yet.)I've been demystifying Indian spices and using them more and more in my European recipes.I made the richest chocolate tart in the World, ever.

I've been eating Guinea Pig.

This little sod nearly had me pint.

Pete and I made a pork, sweetbread and rabbit liver terrine, and what a glory it was.

I've been butchering pigs.
I've made some big pork pies.
And a wicked corned beef for Paddy's Day.
I cleaned out my basement and converted it into a Man-Cave for boozing and fine dining.I got the best present ever from Grant.

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Jason said...

Damn, you have been busy dude! Excellent stuff!

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