Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicken Soup is for Suckers

So last week, I had been feeling a bit under the weather for a few weeks, when I swung by teddy's for our weekly. He knocked the damn cold out of me with a great spread, covering the veritable Seven Deadly Sins of food-ing.

Lust. What Teddy described as "Uncensored XXX Porcography." Or, direct from his & Houman's class at Brooklyn Farm, care of Flying Pigs Farm. Teddy served up Head and trotter braun,(cooked pig's head combined with trotters & jelly). Just decadent- rich and flavorful with a bit of salty and smoky taste- a great start, for my favorite vice.

Sloth. The Braun was plated with braised and seared pork belly, which had a wonderful crisp texture over the supple lazy-assed belly. Piggy-laziness has never been so thoughtfully combined.

Avarice. The starting plate was completed with a family recipe from Houman's family,
called apfel griebenschmalz ( I apologize to all if I have mis-spelled), which was a rich and tangy combination of apples and onions, caramilized mercilessly in pork fat. I am jealous of Houman, if this is the way he grew up eating. Teddy finished the plate with a mustard sauce, and baked Granny Smith apples.

Greed. I damn near ate all of poor Boogie's Fish Soup, served with Lobster Souffle Cakes. The poor guy could not look away from his plate for a moment- for a big guy, my hands are lightning fast. The soup had a smooth texture, and was unlike other Seafood soups/stews I have had- it presented a more pronounced blended fish taste, but did so subtly, if that makes an sense at all. Teddy said it was a "classic English Fish Soup." Anyhow, I couldn't cram enough of the lobster cakes into my craw: they were a great rich flavorful counterpoint to the soup. Poor Boogie never stood a chance.

Pride. I have never gotten along very well with peas- as a kid, I would find clever ways of either hiding them or sneaking them on to my sister's plate. I wish Teddy was around back then to drop his Gratin of Pistacios, Peas, and Tarragon. That dish, with tang of the nut, and smoothness of the dairy, really brought out the sweetness of the peas. If only Teddy was around back then, I wouldn't have had to grow up so damn clever.

Wrath. Nothing makes one feel like a muthafucking hunter like a well cooked Shank of Lamb. Teddy prepared this poor bastard really beautifully- the meat gave way to every bite, but was still stable enough to serve as one unit. The lamb was prepared with honey, salt and black pepper, and was simply gorgeous. J. Boogie's was good, too.

and finally

Gluttony. It's not enough that I'm a large person--each Thursday Club, the limits are pushed in terms of how much good food can be shoved in my anything-but-delicate frame. Teddy closed the deal with a Turkish Coffee Delight- Cardomam & Coffee Flavored Cake, topped with Turkish Coffee Ice Cream, and Fresh Mango Compote. Ah well, a diet shot to hell again. But the good news, is my Spring cold is gone for good. Like I always say, Chicken Soup is for Suckers.

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Jason said...

Classic! Now where are the piccies?

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