Tuesday, May 29, 2007

EU black pudding mountain

...And it's in my fridge.

Despite giving away a couple of sturdy nuggets to blood believers, I had to do something else to use it up. There was only one option. Could I really eat 2 portions of blood and guts in one day? Piece of piss. I had no trouble getting the second helping of pigs innards on board.

This time however, it was dinner. I riced some floury potatoes, mixed in some leftover cauli soup I had the fridge, a dash of Colman's and I had the starchy base. I made a bit of caramel, rolled some chopped Granny Smith's in it, cooked for about 5 minutes, whizzed it up in the blender with a slug of Triple Sec for some tartness and a small piece of butter, and put the whole mess together.

Christ, it was good. Dare I say it, better than Casimir's.

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