Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thursday Club 03/29/07

Time flies when you're eating well! Adam hooked up an excellent meal for this week's dinner...

- Sweet potato skins stuffed with Pancetta, White Cheddar & Country Gravy.
- Rock Lobster & Creamed Leek Gratin.
- Bison Chili with Jalapeño Cornbread & Maple Butter.

I could just imagine sitting in a sawdust covered bar in Texas munching away at these badboys while watching some pigskin with friends. The salt of the Pancetta & rich Country Gravy went perfectly with the sweetness of the potatoes. They had been hollowed out & yet this dish was surprisingly filling!

We took a bit of a break in between courses to let the 'skins' settle. Adam & Teddy de-shelled the rock lobsters which were sautéed & added to the leek & cream. topped with parmesan breadcrumbs & baked. The end result was a delicious gratin & the lobster was perfectly cooked & melted like butter!

Now, I love chili more than anyone I know & I've never eaten bison - so I was pleased as punch that the next course was on the menu. I cannot describe how complex the flavours were for this dish. I'm guessing that Adam's hands were flying along his spice/sauce racks as there were so many great flavours in the dish. I've never tasted chili quite like that & I loved it. The Jalapeño Cornbread was lovingly coated with mounds of Maple Butter & was an awesome side dish!

Nice work Adam!

The Rock Shrimp get what's coming to them...

... a light sauté!

A slow simmer.

Perfect Jalapeño Cornbread & Maple Butter.

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