Friday, March 02, 2007

Thursday Club 03/01/07

After quite a long hiatus from cooking (although Teddy & I have been eating like kings in Asia, see below), Adam threw down yesterday. It was really nice to be back together with the Thursday Crew & I was hungry as hell when I arrived at Adam's digs & the smell of short ribs wafted down the stairs as soon as I hit the front door.

- Tequila and Sangrita Shooters with Tortilla Strips and Jalapeno Relish.

- Roasted Corn Soup with Shredded Barbeque Short Ribs.

- Chili Shrimp and Foie Gras Taquitos with Foie Gras Mole.

To wet the appetite, Teddy hooked up an insane Sangria variation which defied words. After two of these, I was feeling slightly tipsy.

Just my luck, Tequila with the first course, my old nemesis! Adam served up some Corazon shooters together & a virgin Bloody Mary cleverly served in a hallowed out Cucumber. We had Tortilla chips & a spicy relish/salsa.

The next course was simply amazing. Adam drizzled the reduced braising juices from the short ribs over the top of the corn soup & it was simply delicious. You could have put that stuff in a martini glass & I would have been happy to drink it, pinky out! I really cannot tell you how great this soup was. It hit the spot on a cold night & together with the Coronas we were drinking - magic!

For the main course, Adam sauteed some rock shrimp with aromatics while Teddy spread Foie Gras (Yeah, that's right, I said Foie Gras! That's how we roll!) on tortillas. The cooked shrimp were piled on top & the 'little bundles of joy' were wrapped & fried.

The mole was simmering away nicely. Chocolate & more Foie Gras was added & the delightful concoction was drizzled onto the Taquitos; Awesome!

As usual, another excellent meal. I left for home full & satisfied. Till next week!

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pinknest said...

bravo! this sounds spectacular.

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