Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday Club 8/24/06

- Hummus w/Pita
- Green Lentil Soup
- Beef Briouates
- Moroccan Lamb Stew w/Couscous

After a long break from cooking, I decided to keep the regional theme of my last Thursday Club menu alive & went with a mediterranean night. I had gotten a great cookbook from my brother for my birthday & I used it for all 4 dishes. The meal went without a hitch, although the Brouates didn't come out quite like they look in the book & I really think that the recipe could have benefitted from some sort of sauce (say a mint & yoghurt dipping sauce). Nontheless it was a great meal.

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pinknest said...

oooh thouse beef briouates look great! give me.

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