Monday, April 27, 2009

Jamaican Me Crazy!

The crew went to Porky Pete's house last week for a night of Jamaican food. Coming from Jamaican lineage, I was eager to see what our boy could do. I was not disappointed, Bob Marley himself would have been proud!

Jamaican Beef Patties:
There's a severe lack of good patties here in NYC (well in Manhattan anyway, I'm too lazy to go to the outer boroughs), I stock up on them every time I go to Florida & store them in the freezer (not quite the best), so I was excited to having some homemade patties. They were spicy, but not enough to kill you & the crust was really delicious.

Conch Fritters:
Now you're talking, I was really looking forward to this dish as I absolutely love conch. Pete fried these perfectly & the batter was great. They were very delicate and the conch was tender & flavorful. Most importantly of all, they weren't greasy at all.

Fiery Jamaican Jerk Chicken:
I'm such a wuss when it comes to hot food, but these were not bad at all. The jerk seasoning was delicious. I was hoping to bring some Dragon Stout which would have gone great with the entire meal, but Red Stripe served us fine.

Curried Goat & Rice and Peas:
Hell yeah. This is the one dish that totally sums up Jamaica (in my mind). The goat was beautifully colored, fragrant, slightly spicy & above all, fucking delish! Just the smell of the curry is enough to get me salivating (Pavlov's Dogs style!)

Saturated Rum Cake:
oh Lordy! There was so much rum in this dish that I couldn't taste the cake! I took a few bites & was well & truly wasted!


Roachmon said...

You need to try stewed conchs, mon! My Favorite! Our friends from Antigua came out here to PHX area last month and and made a big pot of conchs with fungee....all washed down with Cavalier Rum from Antigua...and Goat! My wife makes the best, stewed, curried or goat I'm hungry...

Jason said...

Any idea where to find conch in thecity?

Roachmon said...

I find it at the Asian Market here in PHX, but it's really any contacts in FL? Freeze it and Fed-Ex overnight...

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