Monday, December 31, 2007

Brooklyn Diner (Terminal 8, JFK)

We had been planning a club trip for quite some time, so when Singapore Sid came to visit & suggested a quick hop up to Montreal, we all jumped on the opportunity (see posts to come). Adam & I were on the same flight, so we woke up at the butt crack of dawn to make our 7am flight. Obviously, we hadn't had time to eat & there was no way they were going to serve food on the bi-plane/crop duster that was taking us on your 51 minute flight. Once cleared through customs, we wanted some breakfast. Brooklyn Diner? Sounds great! It felt like we had entered some kind of Bizarro World once we entered the joint.

Complete madness, employees yelling at each other & the overriding smell of grease. We knew we were in for a treat! Adam was the Einstein of the group & opted for a bagel & cream cheese, I decided to order the monstrosity you see above. I know that airport food is bad, but this is just plain ridiculous. As soon as I opened the wrapper, I gagged a bit. I fail to understand how anyone, in good conscience, could serve up such rubbish. We were headed to Montreal on a carefully mapped out culinary tour de force; this was NOT a good start. At $9.24 this was highway robbery. I hadn't taken 3 steps out of the joint & I could already feel my stomach doing cartwheels!

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