Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Acme (9 Great Jones St.)

My Mondays have taken some structure as of late, namely a trip to Acme with Dan to suck down some Happy-Hour Margaritas & eat some fine southern fare. This Monday was no exception. Our bartender, Rudy, makes some of the best frozen Margaritas on earth & his pour gets much heavier as the night wears on. The booze in the joint is excellent (try the Acme beer), but the real draw is the food. They have an insane all-you-can-eat fried chicken special & probably some of the best Mac & Cheese that I've ever had.
We had the catfish fingers this time & they were pure heaven. Doused in cornmeal & accompanied by a spicy (Old Bay?) mayo & cornbread & fried to perfection, Dan & I were in 7th heaven. If you enjoy good food & like to get drunk, check out Acme!

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pinknest said...

i haven't been there in awhile, but i do remember eating some fried oyster po' boys there that were pretty yummy. have you been to great jones down the street? i love that place, too.

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