Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crate & Who?

Normally, when I decide to buy stuff for the house, I head to Crate & Barrel, dig through their website & buy everything online. No More! I've recently discovered the Mecca of kitchen gadgetry! Ne, the Holy Grail of culinary contraptions! Drum roll ladies & gents.... The Bowery!

The 4 blocks or so between east 1st street & Delancey are chock-a-block with restaurant supply stores. Friendly? Not so much. Helpful? No way. Customer Service? Non-existent. Dirt cheap kitchen supplies? Fuck Yeah!

If you can bear to wade through the throngs of restaurant & hotel staff pouring over the many bargains to be had, you can really find some amazing gadgets at rock bottom prices.

My advice to you is to skip the Crate & Barrel/Bed Bath & Beyond/etc. trap & hit up the Bowery next time you want to beef up your kitchen drawers.


doggybloggy said...

I spend too much time sifting through the bins on bowery but yes you are right it is an excellent source...

teddy said...

If only I had any room in the kitchen drawers, JJ, I'd be there every day. You've seen the size of my kitchen!

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