Saturday, February 24, 2007


We (Teddy, Guy, Anthony & myself) arrived in Ho Chi Minh & checked into our hotel. We went to a local bar & had a few beers & lunch. I opted for the Green Chicken Curry which was excellent & cost a little over $2.

We had breakfast at a tiny eatery the next morning, a so-so omelet & a delicious mango juice drink.

After a hair-raising cyclo tour of the city, we stopped off for lunch, the national dish of Vietnam; Pho. I immediately fell in love with this dish. It's very light, unlike Japanese noodle soups. Adding a little lime & some veggies really brings out the flavor. For $1, you can't go wrong!

We visited a large market soon afterwards & saw some of the freshest foods & amazing street-side cooking.

We headed down to the beach 'town' of Mui Ne & were treated to more culinary delights. One of the most fun meals was had at a restaurant by our hotel. We started with fried calamari & a shrimp cocktail, then Teddy & I had a seafood dish that we grilled ourselves. Delicious!

We hit up a fancy hotel the next day & were treated to some of the best food of our trip.

Where do I begin? Calamari, Barracuda, Slow roasted pork, squid & more. We finished 3 bottles of wine that day, right on the beach... Who could ask for more???

All in all, the culinary experience of Vietnam was worth the 23 hour trip, anything else was a bonus!

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